London Welcomes New Tube Trains

Last week, London revealed the new cars to the public for the first time, and when the trains finally hit the tracks which would start in the mid-2020s, they’ll feature an appreciable list of improvements to riders. gives us a glimpse about new Tube trains for the next 40 years. With the new design, you’ll be able to walk the entire length of the train, which frees up lots of space that was wasted just from closing off individual cars in the past. Having evenly spaced and feature double-wide doors on all entrances are impressive which gives a rider to get on and off the trains a lot faster. And you won’t have to “mind the gap” anymore: the cars are all shorter, which makes the trains more flexible and able to come much closer to the platform edge.

All of the advertising and signage on the cars will use digital screens compare to the usual paper inserts, and some of the deepest lines in London will get air conditioning for the first time with the new cars plus a Wi-Fi on board. How cool is that?

Not convinced? Check this clip video:

What do you think?


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