LIVE UPDATES: Grand Coronation Miss World Philippines 2014 Winners, Results, Q&A

Manila–Live from the Mall of Asia Arena, 26 beautiful ladies will vie for the crown of Miss World Philippines 2014.

Megan Young bagged the Philippines’ first Miss World crown in 2013. People are too excited for the coronation night of the next Miss World Philippines on Sunday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Big cash prizes await the Philippines’ next beauty queens: Miss World Philippines 2014: P1 million; 1st Princess: P250,000; 2nd Princess: P200,000; 3rd Princess: P150,000; and 4th Princess: P100,000.

Miss World Philippines 2014 Special Awards:

MISS CAMARINES SUR: Valerie Weigmann
BEST IN SPORTS: Lorraine Kendrickson
MISS PHOTOGENIC (one of 13 semi-finalists): Nelda Ibe
BEST IN SWIMSUIT: Valerie Weigmann
MISS FRIENDSHIP: Kristine Estoque and Christine Balaguer (tie)
BEST IN FASHION RUNWAY (one of 13 semi-finalists): Valerie Weigmann
MISS TALENT: Jean Marie Feliciano
MISS SUN CELLULAR (one of 13 semi-finalists): Kimberly Anne Sarreal
BEST IN LONG GOWN: Valerie Weigmann
Miss Solaire – Valerie Weigmann
Miss Organique – Nelda Ibe
Ms Figlia – Valerie Weigmann
Jesi Mendez Salon Ambassador – Valerie Weigmann
Miss Reducin – Valerie Weigmann
Miss Blue Water Day Spa – Valerie Weigmann
Miss Bench – Valerie Weigmann
MISS OLAY: Valerie Weigmann
MOST ALLURING: Rachel Louise Peters
MISS HANA: Valerie Weigmann

Candidate No. 16 Ina Dominica Guerrero
Candidate No. 7 Rachel Louise Peters
Candidate No. 14 Nicole Donesa
Candidate No. 12 Christine Balaguer
Candidate No. 6 Kristine Angeli Estoque
Candidate No. 3 Alexa Kirby
Candidate No. 4 Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz
Candidate No. 13 Kimberly Anne Sarreal
Candidate No. 17 Kimberly Pajares
Candidate No. 19 Valerie Weigmann
Candidate No. 20 Nelda Ibe
Candidate No. 1 Lorraine Kendrickson
Candidate No. 5 Gazini Christiana Ganados

TOP 5:

7 Rachel Louise Peters

20 Nelda Ibe

1 Lorraine Kendrickson

14 Nicole Donesa

19 Valerie Weigmann

4TH PRINCESS: Rachel Louise Peters

3RD PRINCESS: Nicole Donesa


1ST PRINCESS: Lorraine Kendrickson

Miss World Philippines 2014 is VALERIE WEIGMANN


The ladies were asked “Why should you win Miss World Philippines?” Below are their answers:

Rachel Peters: If I am lucky enough to win the crown, I would be a strong international ambassadress and will represent our country with honor and pride.

Valerie Weigmann: I believe in empathy and compassion. We can all be advocate of change.

Nelda Ibe: I am strong and more dedicated and committed to the vision and mission of Miss World.

Lorraine Kendrickson: I believe I should be the next Miss World because I have the heart to give and the mind to inspire.

Nicole Donesa: I would motivate in establishing my own foundation where I can provide school materials to unfortunate kids.

IN PHOTOS: Who Will Be Miss World Philippines 2014?
IN PHOTOS: Who Will Be Miss World Philippines 2014? © Yahoo PH

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