LIVE RESULTS: Pinay Teen Marlisa Punzalan Wins X Factor Australia 2014 #XFGrandFinal

The X Factor Australia 2014 live results.

The grand final of The X Factor 2014 takes place tonight, and by the end of the FINAL episode, Australia will surely get to know whether Dean Ray, Brothers 3 or Marlisa Punzalan has gotten a recording contract with Sony Music Australia as the winner of the series. We’ll be going through the jam-packed episode as it happens — seriously, it’s going to have some of the best of the best performances from the likes of the top 13, Guy Sebastian, Olly Murs, Jessica Mauboy and Taylor Swift — so check back at 7:30 p.m. AEDT to watch it with us!


She beat out Dean Ray, who took 2nd place, while Brothers 3 took 3rd place. The show retweeted a viewer’s tweet saying that she won by a margin of .01%.

LIVE RESULTS: Pinay Teen Wins X Factor Australia 2014 #XFGrandFinal

In a Prediction made by IBTimes:

There’s every reason to believe that the betting odds won’t fail this week. To note, Dean Ray was priced at 13.00 at that point and he remains the odds-on favourite to win “The X Factor Australia” season 6 crown with the new betting odds released for the Grand Final.

“The X Factor Australia” Outright Winner Betting Odds (via

Dean Ray (1.75)
Brothers 3 (3.50)
Marlisa Punzalan (4.00)

For the uninitiated in sports/entertainment betting, the simple formula is as follows: X (Amount of Bet) times Betting Odds equals Payout.

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