Lea Salonga Gets Furious Over Facebook Accounts Pretending To Be Her Daughter Nicole Chien

MANILA – The Tony Award winning singer and “The Voice of the Philippines” coach Lea Salonga took to social media her frustration on Thursday over Facebook accounts pretending to be her daughter, Nicole Chien.

On Twitter, Salonga stated: “Use my daughter’s name to get my attention, and you will be cursed until the end of days. You are a sorry excuse for a human.”

Referring to the fake Facebook page, Salonga added: “So angry I can’t see straight! God, the nerve of some people!”

I’ve already reported it for harassment. But please, report it as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Ugh! #dontmakemamamad

It seems reporting the offending page doesn’t work. So if you are one of the over 7,000 people that LIKED it, please UNLIKE it. Thank you.

The faker’s page was taken down. Thank you to everyone that helped!!!

The “Miss Saigon” star encouraged her followers to report the account, as she did, and told those who have “liked” the page to un-like it.

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