Lava Flows Into Hawaiian Town, Burning at Least 1 Building

2,000-degree river of lava has reached properties in a small Hawaiian town, burning at least one building, with 40 to 50 homes and businesses at risk and could swallow a dozen Hawaiian homes in the next day or two — and there’s nothing anyone can do about it authorities said.

Molten rock from the Kilauea Volcano was about 350 yards from the nearest cluster of homes late Tuesday night, said Troy Scott of the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

Thick clouds of smoke blanketed Pahoa on the Big Island as the river of molten lava seeped toward front doors. Residents such as Sarah Williams focused on packing, trying to save anything they could.

According to news report, the slow-moving lava flow began moving toward Pahoa in June, when a volcanic crater vented and released the river of liquid rock.

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