Kyla, Jayr Gear Up for ‘You Are Not Alone’ Music Video

R&B Royalties Kyla and Jayr are set to invade the music video charts once more as they reunite for their latest track, “You Are Not Alone“.

Kyla, Jayr Gear Up for 'You Are Not Alone' Music Video

‘You Are Not Alone’, an original composition of Jayr, is part of the R&B King’s newest album Elevated and Kyla’s repackaged Journey album.

Kyla, Jayr Gear Up for 'You Are Not Alone' Music Video

It’s been a while since they teamed up after their successful duet hits, ‘Say That You Love Me and Back In Time. We’re pretty sure all their supporters miss them and will unite to make their newest music video another success.

Directed by Cristhian Escolano and produced under Homeworkz and KM Productions, the official music video of ‘You Are Not Alone” drops on February 14.

Photos courtesy of Benedict Mariategue and Edrex Clyde Sanchez

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