Kris Bernal Joins Dennis Trillo, Rocco Nacino in GMA’s “Hiram na Alaala”

Kris Bernal is set to topbill GMA 7’s newest TV series, “Hiram Na Alaala”.

Kris Bernal Joins Dennis Trillo, Rocco Nacino in GMA's "Hiram na Alaala"
Hiram Na Alaala is about the power of shared memories. Wherever you are, it’s the shared memories that connect you to your loved ones.”

Joining her in the cast are Dennis Trillo (Ivan Legaspi) who plays the role of a soldier, Rocco Nacino (Joseph Corpuz) and Lauren Young (Bethany Sandoval) who plays the role of Trillo’s girlfriend. Kris Bernal (Andrea Dizon) will be leaving her teenybopper roles as she plays more mature roles in this series.

Also in the series are Lotlot de Leon who will play the role of Kris Bernal’s mother while Allan Paule (Xander) will be her father.

Directed by Dominic Zapata, “Hiram na Alaala” will air soon on GMA 7.

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