Jesus Miracles – Woman Drowning In Her SUV Is Miraculously Saved

Rescue from sinking SUV

This video clip was shot during an awful rainstorm. A woman driving an SUV was returning home from work, only to end up slipping into the rising water from the torrential rain. The water was some ten feet high. The woman, who is said to be called Charlene, couldn’t swim and so she seemed to think it was best to remain in the car.

The SUV is seen sinking slowly at first. The first to reach her was a doctor. He tried to smash the window but it was a safety glass which could not be smashed. Shortly afterwards the sinking process increases dramatically and the SUV is totally underneath the surface.

Jesus Miracles - Woman Drowning In Her SUV Is Miraculously Saved

Then some men, including Mr. Howard Absetz who is a local store manager, went into the water as they saw what was happening. At first they are seen unable to do anything but suddenly, as Mr. Absetz said, he could feel through the window. He then felt her hand on his shoulder. He quickly pulled her through the window and saved her.

When her car was towed from the water though, all four windows were closed! Couldn’t manage to find a reason how the windows closed on their own after she was pulled out. The only reason that could come to mind is that it could have indeed been a miracle.


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