Jennifer Laude’s Fiancé Barred From Leaving For Germany

MANILA — Following the issuance of a watch list order, the German fiancé of murder victim Jennifer Laude was barred from leaving the Philippines on Sunday afternoon according to recent news report,

Marc Sueselbeck was scheduled to leave Manila at 630 pm Sunday via Malaysian Airlines, according to the Laude family’s lawyer Harry Roque. He arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 but the Bureau of Immigration said: “His departure was deferred due to a pending deportation case for undesirability. A copy of the charge sheet was provided to him. He was told to report to Legal of BI tomorrow.”

Asked for his comment, Sueselbeck said: “I don’t even know what’s happening, no officials contacted me… there are a lot of possibilities to contact me.”

He expressed his disappointment, noting that “this will destroy my life completely. I lost my wife, I lost my job.”

Citing Presidential Decree 1227, AFP officials slammed the actions of Sueselbeck. The law applies to any individual “who, without express or implied permission or authority of the base commander or his duly authorized representatives, shall re-enter or is found within any military base after having been removed there from and ordered not to re-enter by the base commander or his duly authorized representative.”

The AFP accepted Sueselbeck’s apology but stated they would push through in filing a complaint against him for being a “undesirable alien.”

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