Japan Reveals Their Version Of ‘Apple Watch’

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple’s big announcement of their newest iPhone (iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus) and the smart watch called Apple Watch.

Although it will not be available until 2015, someone from Japan already has his own version. He obviously can’t wait for the Apple’s official release.

On September 10, Shoji Hiromichi took to Twitter to reveal his newest Apple Watch, made from a real apple.

Japan Reveals Their Version Of 'Apple Watch'
© Shoji Hiromichi Twitter

“I immediately went out and got an Apple Watch! The website visuals and explanations are so great!” referring to the fake press-release he created. He finishes his tweet remarking, “I love it so much I landed up eating the entire thing!”, he wrote on his tweet.

He even describe the feature of his Apple Watch.

“FEATURES – Not only does it not tell time, it’s an extremely sticky watch. The hands also don’t move. Fresh juice trickles down. This is a device that will most definitely mess up the cuff of your shirt. It’s also a partner that will turn brown and attract tiny flies.”

Pictures of his creation were retweeted more than 30,000 times in five hours in multiple languages.

Well, what can you say with Shoji’s ‘Apple Watch’? It doesn’t have the features of the real Apple Watch. It can’t even tell you the time. But it is certainly a great work of art. Do you agree? Share us your thoughts.


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Written by Kaye

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