Jake Ejercito Admits Fault In Breakup With Andi Eigenmann

“I have apologized to Andi”

These were the words uttered by Jake Ejercito, Andi Eigenmann’s ex-boyfriend, following the actress’ tell-all interview which aired on “The Buzz” on Sunday elaborating what really went wrong in their relationship.

Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito. Photo from Eigenmann's instagram page
Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito. Photo from Eigenmann’s instagram page

Now talking about the viral photo where he is seen kissing another girl, Ejercito stated:

“I know a photo paints a thousand words. I am not washing my hands clean, but I did not intend for it to happen. If anything, my only slip-up was that I allowed it to happen.”

Eigenmann said her relationship with Ejercito was already on the rocks even before the pictures of her speculated boyfriend kissing another girl went the rounds on the internet.

In a recent interview, Eigenmann said she and Ejercito tried to make up but things turned for the worse when her former boyfriend could not be there for her when her father Mark Gil was ill.

Eigenamnn revealed it is already time for her to focus on her family and herself and try to move on from her relationship with Ejercito.

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