Jaclyn Jose Expresses Disapproval Of Andi’s Romance With Bret Jackson

In a recent interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Andi Eigenmann said she just wants to take things slow since she ended relationship with former boyfriend, Jake Ejercito.

Veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, expressed her disapproval of her daughter’s romance with Bret Jackson, ABS-CBN reported.

Asked why she doesn’t like Jackson, Jose said:

“Baka sumikat pa ‘yan. ….I don’t know him at all.”

Jose stated that Andi still has the last word when it comes to her personal relationships.

Jaclyn Jose Expresses Disapproval Of Andi's Romance With Bret Jackson

“I don’t judge his personality. It’s up to Andi. It’s her life. But for me, I don’t like him. Sorry,” she said.

Reacting to her mother’s strong statements, Eigenmann said she does not mind what Jose thinks of Jackson — yet.

“As of now it doesn’t [matter] because pwede naman niya sabihin what she wants and at the same time, hindi pa rin naman kasi niya nakikilala si Bret. Open pa to judgment. She never really got the chance,” she said.

Eigenmann also noted that her mother is definitely biased in favor of Ejercito.

“I know how close my mom is to my ex so maybe that’s why. She loves Jake,” she said.

Setting aside all intrigues, Eigenmann said she is looking forward to more projects this 2015.

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