‘Insurgent’: Shailene Woodley Runs For Her Life In New Trailer

This trailer is close to the book. You just have to really look at it. The box is the video message from the end of the insurgent book. Remember that huge cliffhanger? Jeanine was trying to find a way to open it and that is why she was looking for divergents in the book. It is translated into the movie when she says they have to find a divergent. The main plot is still there. They just added some more action and it’s literally the same thing. So many of you look so deeply into it. The movies are never exactly like the book. There will be changes and honestly, the changes in this movie look good. If you go back and read the book and then look at the trailer, I’m sure you’d all realize it clearly.

The first official trailer, released on Nov. 12, gave us serious chills as well.

The haunting trailer flashes a message across the screen which says, “the world will never be the same,” between quick shots of Tris in intense action sequences. We also see her mother (Ashley Judd) in the trailer (who sadly died in the first film), which clues us in that Tris’ past will be a key element to discovering new truths.

We cannot wait for Insurgent to hit theaters on March 20, 2015!

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