In a Jealous Rage: Drunk College Guy Beats Boyfriend To Death

Intoxication and jealousy are a dangerous mix, one that often leads to fatal consequences.  Just ask Bryan Canchola, aged 20, who is now facing felony charges of first degree murder while in Travis county jail.  After a night out drinking with his boyfriend, Stephen Sylvester, the two arrived home in the middle of the night to the apartment they shared with a third roommate.

Sometime afterwards a fight began, with Mr. Canchola accusing Mr. Sylvester of cheating.  By the time the roommate came out to intervene, Stephen Sylvester was bleeding from the back of his head and in need of immediate medical care.

The roommate took him to the hospital.  At some point Mr. Sylvester left the hospital, presumably to go home and make things right with his boyfriend.  Once again, he was brought to the hospital, and a bit later succumbed to his injuries.  Bleeding on the brain and a neck fracture were listed as some of the causes in the autopsy report.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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