Huge water vortex draining Lake Texoma in Oklahoma can sink boats


Just like something out of the blues, a mammoth vortex has been formed in the giant lake on the border of Oklahoma and Texas. The vortex was discovered by the U.S Army Engineers earlier this month. They say it is has caused water altitude in one of the country’s largest reservoirs to drop. A footage captured by the Tulsa division in the United States Army corporate engineers showed a vortex in a manner similar to a tornado.

The vortex was found in Lake Texoma which lies on the border between Oklahoma and Texas. U.S Army Engineers says that the vortex has a diameter of 2.4 meters; about 8 feet wide.

When you fill a bath tub and then pull the plug, the drainage forms a vortex. In the same vein, when the flood gates of Lake Texoma were opened to drain out water, a vortex appeared. U.S Army Engineers says the giant vortex is large enough to suck up a full sized boat.

Although it looked dangerous and fierce, the authorities say that there is no cause for alarm. The vortex resulted due to controlled draining methods caused by elevated water levels after heavy rain falls. The Engineers explained that this is what normally happens when water is allowed to exit flood gates.

The amount of water released through two hydro powered generators and the flood gates from the lake per second is about 55,000 cubic feet.

However, the business insider reported that the area is now off-limits and the Engineers have marked the area with caution signs and safety buoys to keep people away. People need to understand that it is a precarious situation says the Engineers.

As at the time the footage was released, there were reported cases of severe flooding around the area.

Lake Texoma is formed by the Denison dam and the red river in Oklahoma, Bryan County, and Grayson County in Texas.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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