Horrifying video shows the effects marijuana has on a dog

Shocking Video: Dog Eaten Marijuana. See What Happens Next

Don’t just watch this video for fun purpose. There’s an education too if your dog or other pet has been poisoned by either drugs or has eaten food of the same nature.

A Siberian Husky named Loki in this video is seen unable to stand up after eating the cannabis cakes of his owner. He is unable to be upright. His eyes were rolling back and tongue lolling out.

After investigation the owner discovered the dog has earlier slipped into friend’s bag and has eaten rise krispie filled with marijuana. He immediately contacted a veterinarian friend who said to wait and watch carefully for next 20 hours.

The dog was however fine after certain time period and the owner uploaded a one minute clip on social site to let other know what to do if their pets are in such condition. Since April the video has been viewed more than 9,000 views.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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