HEARTLESS THIEF Angers Netizens: Php200 Peso Earnings Of Kid Who Sells Pandesal Gets Robbed

We’re very sorry to hear that this boy got robbed. All I can say is poor kid.

Criminals nowadays do not choose who they victimize. As long as the victims are unable to defend themselves, and that the criminals are able to get what they want.

An innocent Grade 6 student who sells pandesal every morning was tremendously shaking after a stranger stole his earnings worth P200; he was trembling hard when netizen Christopher Pacheco video-taped him crying by the sidewalk.

The kid is known in their area by locals as a child selling pandesal (bread) every day. Being the eldest in among his siblings, he is tasked to do the job every morning. He lives with his family in ‘Reform 168’ in Deparo Caloocan, a housing project given to Caloocan residents by Caloocan city Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri since he started being the mayor of the city in 2004.

Unfortunately for this boy, he became an easy prey for prowling criminals that day. He was robbed by a still unidentified man, stealing all his hard-earned for the day, including all of his remaining stock! The suspect first bought a couple of the boy’s merchandise. And then in a change of intent, the suspect suddenly told the boy to give him all of his money and what was left of the boy’s products. The young boy handed over everything he had. The boy can still remember the man’s face, however he was not sure if the man was around the area. He was unable to do anything and just sat in his trauma. People started to reach out, giving him something to drink as he was shaking with fear. More people came to his aid trying to calm him down.

On Pacheco’s Facebook account he wrote:

Kawawang bata nagtitinda lang ng pandesal dinukutan pa ng mama ..hoy hoy hoy!!!mamang kolokoy maghanap buhay ka naman ng marangal!!!!

The video which was uploaded on Facebook by Pacheco shocked the residents and quickly responded by offering money in replacement of the earnings stolen from him.

Pacheco’s Facebook post has gone viral, with active netizens showing support for the poor kid and expressing anger for a man who would steal from an innocent child’s hard-earned money.

Not convinced? Watch this video.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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