Harvard professor vs Asian restaurants: Harvard Professor Apologizes To Chinese Restaurant For Rant

Harvard Business School associate professor Ben Edelman was a trending topic last week and considered the “Most Disliked Guy on the Internet” — because of $4.

It looks like the Harvard Business School associate professor who made national headlines last week after threatening a Boston-area Chinese restaurant with legal action when it overcharged him for the amount of $4 on his $53 meal has a history of being a total jerk at Asian restaurants.

Harvard professor vs Asian restaurants: Harvard Professor Apologizes To Chinese Restaurant For RantAccording to report, Ben Edelman previously attacked a sushi restaurant when they refused to apply his Groupon coupon toward their menu.

“I call on you to honor my three Osushi Groupon vouchers … I also call on you to extend their validity for six weeks to reflect the day imposed by our resolution of this dispute,” Edelman wrote in one email to the since closed Osushi Restaurant.

He further threatens to complain to the City of Boston Licensing Board, which he warns could take their liquor license away.

Sichuan Garden, the Chinese restaurant that overcharged Edelman, may have apologized, but Osushi took a different route and slammed the associate professor for his unacceptable pride.

Ben Edelman (left) and Ran Duan (right)
Ben Edelman (left) and Ran Duan (right)

They also banned him from ever setting foot in the restaurant again and said the police would be called if he ignored the warning.

“You should be ashamed of yourself and the business practices you exhibit. In effect, trying to make a business lose money and trying [to] make someone bend to ridiculous claims you seem to feel strongly about,” the restaurant wrote.

They reminded him that he was getting a refund on his Groupon vouchers. A decision they agreed with “… because NO ONE in retail should have to deal with someone whose ego is as big as yours.”

And for Sichuan Garden, this incident has turned into some good publicity. The restaurant’s Yelp page has been getting a steady stream of positive feedback over the past few days, even from folks who have yet to taste the food.

On Wednesday Edelman released a statement in which he tried to apologize for being difficult during his Sichuan Garden fiasco.

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