Google Lens Is Now Available on iOS

Finally, it’s the rise of Google Lens! Google has been turning over Lens out to all Android phones. Google Lens is now available on iOS units as well, but only if you have installed google phones in your device. So, if you are visiting a new city and intend to know the name of the actual building, all you have to do is to take a picture then launch Google Lens and let’s assume the Lens can identify and recognize the location, you’ll be given a series of information about the building.

Google Lens can work with books, certain locations, plants, animals and so much more. It also works with business cards, flyers and billboards, offering links to certain events and let you save the contact details on them to your smartphone.

Google has an amazing plans for Lens. Give yourself a try and when you get bored, learn about some of Google Photos’ remarkable features.

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