Girl’s leg shrivels and turns BLACK after snake bite causes her leg to rot away

Snake bites are dangerous like in a case of a 13-year-old girl from Venezuela is a victim.

The teenager was crippled in a bizarre way. Snake bite in her left leg caused a laceration to an artery and bleeding resulted to a compartment syndrome. This further hampered the tissues to damage as blood flow to it usually is prevented as compartment pressure rises.

Through the injury, due to venom of the snake, cells in the tissue die. This is called Necrosis. The same happened with the girl as initially she was not brought to hospital, but followed treatment from her indigenous culture instead. After a month she opted for medical treatment, but then it was too late and her leg needs amputation now.

Girl's leg shrivels and turns BLACK after snake bite causes her leg to rot away

Image source: Mail Online

The danger does not end here. Her life is at risk due to the poison. Her whole lower leg has turned black and other leg has become thin due to spread of the venom to other parts of her body. Her muscle tissues have also started with the breakdown process.

Her condition could have been under control if she had been given anti-venom treatment initially.

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Written by Barbie Perez


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