Girl swallows metal spoon, surfs the net to check if it’s dangerous

Sometimes people’s banality is outstanding! This is just what happened in this viral story. A 22 year old Chinese University student ended up swallowing a spoon accidentally.

She bought an ice cream and started to eat it while walking. A friend of hers caught up with her and gave her a small slap on the back.

With the push, the student ended up swallowing the 5.5inch spoon! Naturally one would have went to a nearby clinic or hospital, but instead, she went home and started browsing the net. She started feeling some discomfort in her stomach.

After a while she realized that she was in a horrible situation, and she should seek medical help immediately. She went to a nearby hospital where they managed to take out the spoon after a 10 minute intervention. Thankfully she did not suffer from any internal damage.

Anyone who heard this funny story could only end up focusing on this girl’s stupidity for not seeking immediate medical advice. Things could have ended up much worse for her! So just in case you ever swallow a spoon, or anything else for that matter, make sure to go to a hospital immediately! Joking aside, another lesson we can get from this story is never to walk with something in our mouth, such as a spoon, or a lollipop!

What do you think?

Written by Tyler Ashby

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