Free Entrance In Vietnam’s Water Park Turns Sexual Assault For Girls

Ho Tay water park in Vietnam’s Hanoi city announced a two-hour free entrance from 8am to 10am, but were unaware thousands of guests will be joining in .

After facing the crowd, the management decided to close the gates, but this didn’t solve the problem and in fact escalated further. Irritated guests forced themselves inside the campus and children too were included to get inside park.

Chaos grew inside and became a horrifying day for everyone. Even it led to cases of sexual harassment and public humiliation. Male swimmers dominated the pool and took advantage of the chaotic situation. They attacked, groped, stripped and even molested bikini clad girls.

Free Entrance In Vietnam's Water Park Turns Sexual Assault For Girls

Victims said they were splashed with water, pulled down intentionally and their private parts were touched too by some of the male swimmers.

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