FOOTAGE: Malevolent ghost throwing chairs in a viral video is complete proof of poltergeist

FOOTAGE: Malevolent ghost throwing chairs in a viral video is complete proof of poltergeist

A footage claiming to show a raging ghost caught in a hotel on CCTV spread widely on the internet with some online users suggesting that the footage was enough proof that the evil ghost was real.

The viral video which showed a woman in a dining scramble for safety after a chair close to her moved suddenly was uploaded on YouTube. But Night Ghost House a YouTube paranormal channel, which claims to conduct research for real evidence of poltergeists and ghosts, was made to look stupid after it said that the entire story was a deception.

Many chairs and tables were flung at the doorway, preventing the woman’s exit from the room. She then appeared to be unconscious and fainted on the floor as the other furniture hovered around her.

In another different scenario, a man runs out of a room where a chair moved in a way that cannot be explained.
Night Ghost House uploaded the clip with the Caption “Poltergeist Attacks in Hotel” with the rider: “Video footage of what seems to be a ghost moving objects randomly in a hotel room.” Thousands of persons watched the footage with some people commenting that it is a devastating attack.

The say that she could have saved herself or minimize the harm at least if she said a prayer and did a sign of the cross. Another person believes that it was a sure proof that the afterlife exist and could not be ridiculed, describing the lady as unfortunate, and was glad she was not hurt.

Research on the internet revealed that the footage was taken by jesters from the trailer of a movie of an unpopular Malaysian supernatural activity. Another individual said the footage was faked. Yet another person said it is complete bullshit.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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