Find Out Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your iPhone6 Plus In Your Pocket, Especially If You’re Wearing Skinny Jeans

Are you one of the new owners of the latest iPhone 6 Plus?

Then you might want to watch this video and consider buying a case for your brand new gadget.

Photos have begun appearing on social media showing distinctly bent aluminum devices, with complaints that the new iPhone are unable to stand up to the wear and tear of staying in a pocket.

Find Out Why You Shouldn't Leave Your iPhone6 Plus In Your Pocket, Especially If You're Wearing Skinny JeansYouTube channel Unbox Therapy decided to put an iPhone 6 Plus to the ultimate bend test following reports that have surfaced online that the aluminum frame of the iPhone 6 Plus is prone to #bendgate.

#Bendgate means Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, a 6.22-inch by 3.06-inch phablet bends — especially when placed in a pocket of tight pants for a long period of time. Well, at least according to new iPhone 6 Plus owners who have been reporting that the device warped while in their pockets.

Well. what do you think? Would this make you reconsider buying an iPhone 6?

What do you think?

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