Female Guest Raped, Beaten By Cruise Employee Sues Cruise Company For $400 million

A female guest who was beaten and raped by a cruise employee on Valentine’s Day in 2014 is filing a case against Holland America Line for $400 million for failing to protect her. The victim says she was attacked in her room around midnight by a room service employee, Ketut Pujayasa, who has confessed to the crime.

A civil lawsuit was filed on Friday in a Seattle district court on behalf of Jane Doe who was almost thrown overboard by her rapist during the fight for her life on Valentine’s Day last year on MS Nieuw Amsterdam.

Female Guest Raped, Beaten By Cruise Employee Sues Cruise Company For $400 millionThe woman, who refused to be identified, says she was repeatedly strangled and beaten during the attack. She eventually lost consciousness, only waking when Pujayasa reportedly attempted to throw her overboard after raping her.

According to the woman, she managed to escape and was rescued when she happened upon a group of other passengers on the ship.

The woman reportedly suffered severe injuries to her spine and brain as a result of the attack, and is also suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Room service attendant Ketut Pujayasa used his company-issued, master key to enter the cabin of Jane Doe, then 31, where he was able to lurk on her balcony for several hours until she returned.

During his confession, Pujayasa said he wanted revenge on the woman after she cursed at him that morning while he was serving her breakfast. Pujayasa has been sentenced to 30 years in prison and will be deported back to Indonesia.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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