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Eye-Watering Moment Woman Yanks Strange Parasite From Her Leg With Tweezers

Bugs are certainly not a man’s best friend. Many people run away when they see them. But this woman had to do something about it.

Shannon Shields recently got the biggest shock of her life. She suddenly felt something gripping her leg and upon examining it, she realized it was a bug of some kind deeply embedded in her leg. The bug seemed buried which made Shannon grab a pair of tweezers in an attempt to remove the bug from her leg.

It took Shannon more than one attempt to remove the bug and upon its removal there was a small hole like wound left behind. She was certainly lucky when she found the bug the time that she did, otherwise there’s no telling where it would have ended up.

According to Mirror, Shannon uploaded a video of this eye watering moment on June 18th. It was a certainly disgusting moment which turned into a way to go moment for Shannon on YouTube. Many of her YouTube fellow members congratulated her on getting the bug out without too much damage.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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