EXCLUSIVE: Two Women Give Birth Using Mothers’ Wombs

IN a medical history, two baby boys have been born after their grandmothers’ wombs were transplanted into their mothers.

Two women from Sweden successfully gave birth to two boys after receiving wombs donated by their own mothers as part of a project at Gothenburg University, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

One of the boys was born to a 29-year-old Swedish woman who was born without a womb, while the second mother, who is 34, had her womb removed when being treated for cancer in her 20s. Their mother’s wombs, complete with arteries and veins, were removed in an operation similar a hysterectomy and implanted into the daughters.

The babies were born a month ago in Sweden. The two mothers are among nine women to have been given womb transplants, the Daily Mail reported. The babies were delivered by C-section.

The world’s first womb swap baby, identified only as “Baby Vincent,” was born in September as part of same the Gothenburg University project. He was delivered using the womb of an unrelated donor, the Telegraph reported.

According to the Telegraph, about 60 women have signed up for a similar project in the UK and are waiting for a new womb.

News source: Independent

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