Endangered Species: This 100-Year-Old Turtle May Soon Be A Mom

The world’s only female of the most endangered turtles has a reason to rejoice as she is soon going to become a mom and continue the existence of the species.

There are only four Yangtze giant softshell turtles (Rafetus swinhoei) on Earth now. One of both the sexes are in captivity at China’s Suzhou Zoo, and the other two males are in Vietnam.

photo credit: Gerald Kuchling / Wildlife Conservation Society
Photo credit: Gerald Kuchling / Wildlife Conservation Society

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The approximate ages of the first two are said to be 100 years. Both have mated many times, but the female failed to produce fertile eggs. Scientists took a less natural method to rescue them from extinction and tried to procure a semen sample from the male to inseminate the female artificially. However, a false frisson mood was not attained by the creature even with a vibrator. A more electrifying method was used and semen was retrieved.

The female turtle is soon to lay up to 60 eggs and scientists hope those do band and hatch to produce babies and further expand their numbers. However, it will take another 15 years for the new born ones to breed and further expand the species.

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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