Do You Know That Buying Erotic eBooks Before 10pm Is Illegal In Germany?

If you are in Germany, or will be visiting soon, make sure you don’t purchase erotic e-book before 10pm. It is illegal in the country.

According to Metro, the German government had passed a bill in 2002 to ban sales of erotic literature between 6am and 10pm. The bill has become law too and critics say it is fair enough as Germans are good at erotica.

Do You Know Buying Erotic eBooks Before 10pm Is Illegal In Germany?

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The same law now has undergone expansion on the Internet too and it says selling of erotic electronic books during the mentioned time is illegal.

However, it is not known why such law has come across. Moreover, the country is also having problems in finding a how to implement the crazy law over the Internet as it does not adhere to any particular time zone.

Isn’t it the country that developed some of the greatest machines in the world now fails to understand how the World Wide Web works?

If you’re into erotic literature from Germany and decide to purchase it in the form of an e-book between 5am and 9pm, you are seriously breaking one of Germany’s laws.

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