DJ Mo, Atty. Topacio naglabasan ng baho dahil sa isyu nina Mocha at Kris

Kasalukuyang may nagaganap na banggaan sa pagitan nina Atty. Ferdie Topacio at DJ Mo Twister.

Sa kanilang mga tweets naungkat pa sina Rhian Ramos at Bea Binene sa isyung ito.

MO TWISTER: What 1M challenge are you talking about?! Stop deflecting, you dumbshit. Who cares about 1M, you’re a pedophile. Here’s a challenge for you. I dare you to sit outside a high school and prove you can’t do anything illegal. You’re disgusting, and not just visually. @FS_Topacio

FERDINAND TOPACIO: Cheering a guy who can’t put his money where his mouth is. His followers should chip in for the PhP1M challenge. But then they’re all trolls.

Nagsimula ito sa tweet ng netizen sa pagbatikos ni DJ Mo kay Assistant Communications Secretary Mocha Uson matapos nitong idamay ang mga yumaong magulang ni Kris Aquino.

“You used to be a friend of Mocha and give up everything for politics,” simula ng tweet ng netizen.

“Oh yes! It’s because that delusional pu**a @MochaUson is a fact fu***ker whose agenda is to aggressively use useless information or someone else’s news, disguise it as fact for her own hypocritical political gain. Yup. I’d give up on my own mother if she behaved this way,” banat ni Mo.

Na sinagot naman si Atty. Topacio ng, “Let Mo be. He lost Rhian under the most humiliating of circumstances and hasn’t gotten over it yet. Let him grieve in his own curmudgeonly way.”

Rumesbak si Mo at sinagot ang abogado sa Twitter, “Haha! Wow, Attorney Topacio referencing to me & my past?! Didn’t yor gorilla looking ass get linked to a 14 year old actress? Didn’t you like buy a condo across from her so you can stalk her? 14? Get the f__ out of here you Hitler supporter. @FS_Topacio.”

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