Disturbing pics show man, 35, marrying six-year-old child bride

Love stories are everywhere. Couples falling in love and eventually getting married are common everywhere, but the average age difference between the couples is generally within four years. What could be worse than a thirty five year old man marrying a six year old child?

The story is set in West India, where a locally elected member Ratan Lal Jat of Rajasthan is thought to have married a young child bride in a highly secretive temple ceremony. A notorious local marriage broker known for arranging marriages with young child brides was said to be present.

Ratan Lal was following an age old tradition. He is said to have paid the family an undisclosed fee, however, she continues to live with her family. Ratan Lal Jat was arrested according to the law brought in 2006 under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act.

Disturbig pics show man, 35, marrying six-year-old child bride


News source: Metro

The police has caught whiff of the entire affair when photos of the wedding began leaking online. The inspector also stated the marriage broker is at large and an operation has been launched to find him along with the other witnesses that were involved in this illegal child marriage.

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Written by Joshua Jackson

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