DGPI condemns disqualification of Honor Thy Father from MMFF Best Picture category

Pirmado ang naturang pahayag ni Mike Sandejas, ang presidente ng DGPI.

Narito ang kabuuan ng kanilang pahayag:


“To the Executive Committee of The Metro Manila Film Festival 2015

“As a creative institution with goals of further improving the evolving industry of Philippine cinema, the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. condemns the disqualification of the film Honor Thy Father from the Best Picture category because we believe the film was not given its rightful due process.

“The MMFF gave a technical justification for disqualification that begs the following questions: Since MMFF already knew of the opening film screening of CinemaOne Originals, why wasn’t it disqualified early on? Or at least given notice that they could be disqualified from MMFF if they pursued the invitational screening? And why was the disqualification declared only a day before the awards night?

“There is injustice in the unfair disqualification of Honor Thy Father and this practice will continue with impunity if left unchecked. We enjoin our fellow film workers, especially those involved in the festival, to stand united and remain vigilant against all forms of injustice.

“The DGPI stands against arbitrary and unfair practices in the MMFF: we demand fair play, we demand transparency, and we demand change.”

DGPI condemns disqualification of Honor Thy Father from MMFF Best Picture category

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Written by Marc Tiu


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