Deer Gets Instant Revenge On The Hunter Who Tried To Kill Her

A doe, a deer, a female deer, is not normally feared by hunters, but a 72-year-old venison lover met his match after wounding one tough Bambi mommy late Friday.

Deer always seem to end up with the short end of the stick. They’re staples on the dinner tables of wolves and coyotes, plus they get hunted by humans for sport.

But one hunter found out that not all deer are down to give up and die. Some prefer to stand and fight their human oppressors.

Deer Gets Instant Revenge On The Hunter Who Tried To Kill Her

The unnamed hunter from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, grabbed his crossbow and went deer hunting last Friday.

As he strolled along Peebles Trail, he spotted her. He took aim and shot, but the animal was only wounded.

Deciding to take a break and track the beast later that evening, the hunter came back to the area at about 7 p.m., unaware that he was now the hunted.

Following the trail of the wounded animal the hunter was shocked by a sudden attack. Jumping out of a thicket of brush, the wounded doe leaped at the hunter, banging him repeatedly in the leg with her head.

The doe’s revenge was serious enough to send the hunter to the hospital, and while he’ll live, it’s unlikely he’ll think of these doe-eyed creatures the same way ever again.

The latest incident serves as a reminder for enthusiasts to be vigilant at all times.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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