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Deaf Teen Filmmakers of Huge Viral Hit Sensation “Happy in ASL” Unveil Latest Music Video

Last year we covered the Deaf Film Camp’s viral mega hit of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ in American Sign Language currently standing at over 1.4 million views on YouTube. 

The campers are back and have just released their new touching video in ASL for Phillip Phillips’ hit classic ‘Home’.

Phillip Phillip’s himself tweeted stories of the video’s release.

When the campers of upstate New York’s Deaf Film Camp hit “upload” last year on their end-of-season video—a fast-paced American Sign Language (ASL) rendition of Pharrell’s famous song, “Happy”— they had no idea the video would become a global viral sensation, garnering 1.4 million YouTube views and coverage by Diane Sawyer on ABC Nightly News, Time, People, Today show, Billboard, Buzzfeed, the Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter, Elle, Huffington Post, the Telegraph and many others.When Pharrell Williams Tweeted the video—not once, but twice—the campers finally knew they’d accomplished their goal: showing the world consistently that the beauty of American Sign Language brings the visual power of two communities together, and that communication is always possible in any language.

Now, campers of DFC—the world’s only camp dedicated to teaching deaf teenagers the art of deaf filmmaking—have done it again, this time with a video set to Phillip Phillips’ hit single, “Home.” “Home in ASL” is a heart-warming, goose bump-inducing video about something every person, deaf and hearing alike, can relate to: that moment when our fears and doubts are washed away by the love and support of friends.

With gorgeous camera work, expert pacing, and the spot-on tone of the ASL narration of Phillips’ song, DFC’s 64 campers—who hail from three continents around the world and were guided by some of the film industry’s most accomplished deaf filmmakers—have created an unforgettable experience of the love, diversity, hope and, of course, happiness we call home. Phillip Phillips’ “Home” “Home in ASL”.

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Written by Barbie Perez

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