Damien Sings “She’s Out of My Life” On The Voice 2014 Season 7 Semifinals

Damien gives his best to Michael Jackson’s “She’s Out of My Life.”

Damien has such an amazing voice! He sings with so much passion and emotion.
Everyone that belongs to the top 5 aside from Damien and Blakes performer can get a music label later on. Seem like Damien and Blake’s guy has had it rough through the years from what I have noticed. Now most of the people who win shows like this and American Idol come out strong at first then fade or something. Some artists are big and stay strong and tour a lot. I do see that in Damien. I can tell that Damien and Blake’s artist will be an artist that people will always want to hear. Some of the remaining guys on the show have one genre. Damien can sing anything and make it his own. He did country, R & B, pop, love ballads, and now a song from a great legend…Michael Jackson. Now Damien should do a rock song and make it his own.
Damien can sing anything and not sound to R & B(ish). He truly has what it takes to be a winner and able to make great albums. There is a star quality in him.
Blake’s guy is good too. He did rock and country. However sticking to one genre is tiresome. Being versatile and able to do make songs your own gets people interested.

What do you think?


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