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Dad Locks 6 Brothers Inside An Apartment For Years, Now They Share Their Story

A paranoid Peruvian immigrant locked his family for 14 years in a tiny apartment. Oscar Angula, his wife, daughter and six sons lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Though it was a public housing development no one ever saw or heard them. Oscar was an alcoholic and suffered from paranoia, he didn’t work and the family lived on welfare benefits. His wife Susanna’s family and friends were not allowed in their home. The kids could never leave the house unless strictly supervised.

The sons loved to watch movies and reenact the likes of Batman and the Dark Knight Rises. Based on this passion, one day, one of the sons took courage and escaped. The other boys followed him and walked around New York reenacting their movie scenes. They befriended Crystal Moselle, a New York School of Visual Arts Graduate who bonded with the brothers and made the famous documentary the Wolfpack.  This extraordinary story won the Grand Jury Prize at Utah’s Sundance Festival.

Dad Locks 6 Brothers Inside An Apartment For Years, Now They Share Their Story


December 1989: Susan meets Oscar Angulo on the Machu Picchu trail in Peru. He acts as her guide, they fall in love and move to U.S.

January 1990: The couple travel the world

April 1990: They go to live in a Hare Krishna Center in West Virginia

October 1990: Visnu is born

Aug 1991: Baghavan is born in West Virginia

July 1992: Govinda & Narayana born in West Virginia

1994: The family travels around the country in a van while Oscar tries to become a rock star

August 1994: Mukunda is born in LA while they are still living in a van

March 1995: The family moves to NYC for cheap housing – but the neighborhoods they end up in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn frighten them and they hear gunshots at night

May 1996: The family moves into a housing project on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Oscar forbids the mother and kids to go out alone

January 1997: Krisna is born in NYC

July 1998: Jagadisa is born in NYC

January 2010: Mukunda escapes the home wearing a Mike Meyers mask

April 2010: The brothers start leaving the home in their ‘wolfpack’

News source: Mail Online

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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