COUNTRIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: List of Broadcast Networks Carrying The Miss World Show

The 64th annual Miss World pageant final will take place in London on 14 December.

The ceremony will begin at 14:30 GMT and can be viewed live online on the official website of Miss World 2014.

One can watch the event on the pageant’s YouTube channel.

In the UK, the event will air live on E! Entertainment and London Live. (Click here to take a look at the full list of channels airing the event.

COUNTRIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER: List of Broadcast Networks Carrying The Miss World Show
Miss World 2014 will take place in London on 14 December.Reuters



Algeria LBC
Angola ZAP
Anguilla Direct TV & E!
Antigua & Barbuda Direct TV & E!
Armenia Armenia TV
Aruba Direct TV  & E!
Australia E!
Bahamas Direct TV  & E!
Bahrain LBC
Barbados Direct TV  & E!
Belarus ONT
Bolivia Unitel
Botswana BTV
British Virgin Islands Direct TV  & E!
Cameroon CRTV
Cambodia Hang Meas HDTV
Canada E!
Cayman Islands Direct TV  & E!
Chad Telechad & LBC
Channel Islands E!
Chile Direct TV
China PR Shanghai Media Group
Colombia Canal Uno  & Direct TV
Comoros LBC
Congo Telecongo
Cuba Direct TV
Djibouti LBC
Dominica Direct TV  & E!
Dominican Republic Telemicro – Canal 5 & Direct TV  & E!
Ecuador Direct TV
Egypt Egytian TV – Dalycartoon & LBC
El Salvador Telecorporacion Salvadorena Canales 2,4,6
England E! & London Live
Ethiopia ETV
Fiji Fiji Broadcasting Corp
France Paris Premiere
Gabon RTG1
Gambia GRTS
Germany E!
Gibraltar GBC
Grenada Direct TV  & E!
Guadeloupe Direct TV  & E!
Haiti Direct TV  & E!
Honduras Televicentro
India Zee
Indonesia RCTI
Iran Marjan Television Network & LBC
Iraq LBC
Ireland E!
Isle of Man E!
Jamaica Direct TV  & E!
Jordan LBC
Kenya Royal Media Services
Kuwait LBC
Lebanon LBC
Lesotho LTV
Libya LBC
Lithuania Lietuvos rytas TV
Madagascar MATV
Malawi MBC
Martinique Direct TV  & E!
Mauritania LBC
Mauritius MBC
Mexico Televisa
Mongolia UBS
Montserrat Direct TV & E!
Morocco LBC
Mozambique ZAP
Myanmar BecTero
Namibia NBC
Netherlands Antillies Direct TV  & E!
New Zealand E!
Nicaragua Televicentro de Nicaragua
Niger ORTN
Nigeria Silverbird
Northern Ireland E!
Oman LBC
Palestine LBC
Panama Medcom
Peru Direct TV
Philippines GMA 7
Puerto Rico Univision & Direct TV
Qatar LBC
Russia E!
Rwanda Rwanda Broadcasting Network
St Croix E!
St Barthelemy Direct TV
St Kitts & Nevis Direct TV  & E!
St Lucia Direct TV  & E!
St Martin Direct TV  & E!
St Thomas E!
St Vincent & the Grenadines Direct TV  & E!
Saudi Arabia LBC
Scotland E!
Senegal RTSI1
Seychelles SBC
Sierra Leone SLBC
Singapore Media Corp
Somalia LBC
South Africa SABC
South Sudan LBC
Swaziland Swazi TV
Syria LBC
Tanzania Tanzania Broadcasting Corp
Thailand BecTero
Togo TVT
Trinidad & Tobago Direct TV  & E!
Tunisia LBC
Turks & Caicos Direct TV  & E!
Uganda UBC
United States E!
Uruguay Direct TV
US Virgin Islands Direct TV
Venezuela Venevision & Direct TV
Vietnam VTV
Wales E!
Yemen LBC
Zambia ZNBC
Zimbabwe ZBC

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