Coron not ready for tourists, lacks emergency health facilities – family of tourist in fatal tour

Are vacation spots prepared to guarantee tourists’ safety?

Following the death of a young man, there has been plenty of talk regarding whether vacation spots are sufficiently prepared to handle any emergencies. With the large influx of tourists in many locations, it is crucial that their wellbeing is safeguarded with the provision of facilities and properly trained people to deal with any emergency situations.

The accident involved Miguel Gabriel Ruiz, a young Filipino, who was on vacation in Coron, Palawan. The young man lost his life supposedly when he drowned. However, following reactions in the social media that drowning was not the real cause of his death, investigators claimed that they were still waiting autopsy results.

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter/Miggy Ruizzy

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter/Miggy Ruizzy

His friends and relatives said that it was most probably poisoning that led to his death. They maintain that it was either his stepping on some coral that might have triggered a severe allergic reaction to some toxin, or else it might have been a stone fish.

Coron not ready for tourists, lacks emergency health facilities - family of tourist in fatal tour

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/ Chris Chug

They also claimed that tourist personnel such as boatmen in Coron did not issue suitable warnings to tourists about the various dangers in the area. Besides there did not seem to be anybody who was properly trained to deal with an emergency. The CPR was not done properly according to them and even the Coron District Hospital did not seem to be equipped to handle such a case.

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