Contact Lenses Infection Can Eat Your Eyeball. Find Out How?!

If you are wearing contact lenses regularly, be aware with this case that parasite may also eat your eyeball. Well, this does not mean you must not wear it, but be extremely careful in cleaning and handling it.

Jussica Greaney, a 18-year-old English college freshman, got contaminated with contacted lenses and turned to be almost blind. Parasite started eating her eyeball.

Initially it was just a minor eye infection and her eyelid kept drooping. Gradually she experienced eye sore too. Doctors thought it to be an ulcer and started medication in related direction. However, after a week it was found the condition of her eyeball deteriorated as the medication didn’t work. Her eyes bulged out like a huge red golf ball.

Contact Lense Infection Can Eat Your Eyeball. Find Out How?!

In later test doctors found the problem occurred from a parasite called Acanthamoeba Keratitis and to get it killed the teenager had to undergo a torturous treatment. She was also not allowed to sleep for one week to give round the clock eye drops.

The treatment finally worked and the girl got discharged from hospital.

News source: WEREBLOG

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Written by Barbie Perez

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