Coco Martin Finally Breaks Silence Over Bench ‘The Naked

While many were delighted to see Coco Martin on stage others particular some women’s rights groups cried foul over the portrayal of a woman on a leash being led by Coco Martin onstage in the recent Bench “The Naked Truth” fashion show, the actor was immediately bashed on social media for having agreed to be part of a degrading act.
According to media source, Martin’s legal counsel Atty. Lorna Kapunan clarified that her client had no input on the creative part of the show (which had an international choreographer and several performers including the lady contortionist who joined Coco onstage) and as a contract endorser of the brand merely delivered his duties to participate in the show.
Martin already expressed his public apology and requests for people to understand his participation in the recent Naked show. Martin also felt bad about the incident and was upset at the thought that he offended the public.
Bench chairman Ben Chan also apologized to ABS-CBN actor Coco Martin, who became the target of negative reactions after walking  the runway with a leashed female model.  The act was condemned as inappropriate and offensive because it was deemed degrading to women.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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