Child Pandesal Boy Allegedly Was Not Robbed

MANILA – Authorities are beginning to question the story of a 12-year-old pandesal vendor who was allegedly robbed of his P200 earnings in Caloocan City.

A clip video of “Bryan” crying, shaking, and visibly traumatized earlier went viral on social media.

The pandesal vendor claimed that the thief pointed a knife and stole his earnings amounting to P200 after the alleged robber first buying bread from him.

The boy did not want to go home for fear of facing his mother and telling her about his loss, the bystander said.

The boy claimed he was selling pandesal to support his allowance.

Caloocan city officials including the Department of Social Welfare and Development said the boy’s family could get financial help from government.

Authorities, however, said the boy may have made up a story because he did not want to be beaten up by his mother again if he failed to bring money home.

A traffic enforcer who first talked to “Bryan” said the boy kept giving contradicting statements on where the alleged robber ran off.

Some residents stated the boy might have been coached to claim robbery so he would not be beaten up by his mother.

They also expressed doubt with the mother’s story that the boy would always escape to sell pandesal just because he wanted to earn. They said the boy has been selling pandesal for the past four years.

Authorities are conducting thorough investigation and still studying if the mother of the boy should face charges for beating up her son and if the boy should consult a psychologist.

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Written by Marc Tiu

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