Ceres’ alien PYRAMID will ‘unlock key to ancient ET race and origin of man’

Many people are interested in news related to aliens and new discoveries in this realm. Lately, UFO hunters shared news about what looked like a massive pyramid on Ceres, which is a dwarf planet. This could possibly be one of the most significant indications that alien life does exist.

NASA has estimated that the pyramid had to be around three miles in height. This is basically about the height of Mount Blanc. Many researchers suggested that it looked very similar to a smaller pyramid that had been discovered on planet Mars. There are several enthusiasts who feel that this could be a confirmation of an advanced alien civilization that had left monuments as a sign that they were there sometime. On the other hand NASA seems to be relating this discovery to scientific reasons. In fact, as Dr. Carol Raymond, a deputy principal investigator noted, the surface of Ceres was reevaling several interesting features besides this pyramid. She mentioned the central pits in large craters and bright spots that could be salt, ice or quartz, according to NASA. As with all other ‘alien’ stuff and news, everything is uncertain and merely a probability, but it is certainly interesting.

H/T: Express

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Written by Tyler Ashby


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