Cat Survives Without Food, Water For Two Months In Sofa

One little cat unbelievably survived for two months even though being trapped in a futon that traveled 3,700 miles. It was the shifting of Kymberly and Jesse Chelf from El Paso, Texas home to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Cat Survives Without Food, Water For Two Months In SofaPacking for shifting home is one of the toughest jobs in life and amid this the couple noticed their beloved cat Moosie goes missing. After detailed searching they believed the pet may have run away. It was like a sad entry to their new home.

Two months later the movers and packers arrived to the new home with belongings of the couple. Kymberly somehow heard a noise coming from the futon. Unfolding it, to their surprise, they saw a scared and dehydrated Moosie. Immediately the cat was taken to a veterinary hospital where it had to undergo a surgery. It suffered liver damage.

H/T: Metro

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Written by Barbie Perez

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