Can You Believe This Lady Becomes Paralyzed After Watching Funny Movies

This 44-year-old lady does not watch comedy movies. She restricted herself completely from all such entertainment content as those cause temporary paralyses and she collapses.

The condition of Tracy Herring is called as cataplexy, which means strong emotions triggered to sudden muscle weakness.

According to Herring, she loses control of her limbs and becomes paralysed while watching comedy gigs. The condition is though only for a few seconds, but it is too frightening for her. funny movieShe admitted not watching any funny movies since 2003.

Her condition is not restricted to watching funny gigs only, but she suffers occasional too. Her boyfriend Michael Wild, 45, said when they met first he thought she was drunk.

The condition of Herring was first diagnosed when she was 32. Even now she has appointments with specialist to keep her condition in control.

News & photo source: Metro

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Written by Tommy Estrada

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