Body discovered by hikers, female body mummified and hidden in waterfall cave

A group of hikers made a strange and rather creepy discovery while they were walking in Taroko National Park. They found a woman’s body hidden in a waterfall cave.

The body was mummified. Police were called so as to examine the body. Then, just 75 feet away, they found another body. Again it was a female.

It has not yet been verified if these two deaths are connected in any way or not. The first mummified body was identified as a forty-year old woman, and according to investigators she had been inside the cave for about a month, and possibly, more. The cause of her death could not be established due to the fact that the corpse was mummified.

The woman, whose last name is Huang, came from Taichung. She was wearing climbing boots, and there was a water bottle and a bag with her. So chances are that she was hiking and died accidently. The rainbow was off the beaten path, and so chances of an accident were bigger. Let us hope that if you like to go for hikes you do not end up encountering any strange surprise.

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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