‘Blood Moon’ event THIS September will bring ‘huge earth-destroying earthquakes’

As per two of the most followed Christian Preachers in the USA, the ‘blood mood’ that will be happening on September the 28th will be bring a lot of chaos on Earth. As per these mass followed preachers, the ‘blood moon’ is the sign of second coming of Jesus Christ and it will also bring major earthquakes around the world.

They were even claiming that all this might create more tension due the war going on in the Middle East and might become the ultimate reason for the start of World War 3 which will have the potential to destroy the whole planet Earth as a whole.

Though, these preachers have been accused of spreading false warnings to create a chaos situation and also to boost their own business of selling their prediction books.

Even after all this drama, not all the Christians are convinced by the predictions. The fun thing is that the books penned by these preachers have reached the New York Times’ bestsellers list and is still selling like crazy. The preachers have matched the theories by comparing everything that happened in the past but it is to be noticed that they have left many of the events out where the ‘blood moon’ didn’t have any effects.

H/T: Express

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Written by Tyler Ashby

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