BIR’s Alleged Screening Of ‘Pirated’ ‘Tadhana’ Movie Irks Director

Tadhana director Antoinette Jadaone took to social media to stress out the supposed piracy of the Bureau of Internal Revenue of her box office film “That Thing Called Tadhana”.

According to ABS-CBN, a recent Facebook post about what her friend supposedly saw at one of the BIR offices.

BIR’s Alleged Screening Of ‘Pirated’ ‘Tadhana’ Movie Irks Director

That Thing Called Tadhana has yet to be officially released on video so there are no legal copies available to the public yet.

It appears though that the You’re My Boss director has since deleted her post.

A woman, Mace Castillo (Angelica Panganiban) who was desperately struggling in unloading her excess baggage in an airport in Italy, crying over on how she can get an exact load limit with her baggage until a man came up, Anthony (JM de Guzman)who comes to her aid and offered a space in his luggage until they both had finally checked out and went back to their home country. At the Philippine Airport, the two decided not to take the next cab ride and instead go somewhere. Both of them ended up singing in a karaoke bar where they sang together the song “Where do broken hearts go?” and after a few drinks, Mace told Anthony that she wanted to go to Baguio City. On their way, Mace woke up surprised that she can’t believe herself asking Anthony to go with him and in Baguio to begin with. In the middle of the travel, they stopped over a terminal station and Anthony asked Mace to go down the bus and join him to eat some snacks. Anthony bought hotdogs and sodas, where Mace assumingly squeezed ketchup on Anthony’s food and apologized for doing it, because it was something that her ex boyfriend likes her to do. Anthony mentioned several different things and Mace had always something in it that reminds her of her ex. Mace remembered a friend who’s deal was to pay another friend for every time she mentions her ex. For which, both decided to go for 100 bucks every time Mace mentions her Ex. Then as they reached their destination, they went to an Art Exhibit. While Anthony is staring at a painting, Mace discovers that Anthony has the passion for Arts, specifically in painting. They went out to eat lunch and in the conversation, Mace reveals that she also had a thing for writing during her college years, which was titled “The Arrow with a Heart pierced through him”.

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