Bionic Boots Let You Run Like An Ostrich

The prototype Bionic Boots have been developed by San Francisco-based inventor, Keahi Seymour. They have springs that are designed to imitate the Achilles tendon of an ostrich.

Dubbed the ‘Bionic Boot’, the shoes have springs on the back designed to imitate the Achilles tendon of an ostrich or kangaroo, giving the wearer more down force when running.

Seymour told that the boots potentially enable him to “emulate the birds’ springy gait and match their top speed—45 mph.”

As a child, Keahi Seymour (right) was fascinated by what appeared to be the effortless speed and agility of ostriches. Now the San Francisco-based inventor has created a prototype gadget that he claims will allow humans to experience what it’s like to reach these incredible speeds.

Mr Seymour has been focusing on the boots for several years, and has already produced dozens of prototypes.

H/T DailyMail

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