Find Out What Is Bimby’s Special Request For James Yap’s GF

After almost 2 months vacation in Europe with his Italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola, basketball star James Yap is already excited to spend some bonding time with his son, Bimby.

He also revealed that Bimby has a special request to his girlfriend. Bimby asked Michela to cook carbonara for him.

“He wants me to cook for him. So it’s a big pressure. I’m Italian and his favorite dish is carbonara. And I told him, you know carbonara is Italian. So he said oh so you can cook it for me. I said, yeah, ” Michela said in an interview with ABS-CBN.She also added that Bimby is fun and very smart.

James said that he is thankful that he has a good relationship with ex-wife Kris Aquino as they get to be both good parents to their son.

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Written by Kaye

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