Billboard Prank Ad: You’d Never Expect The Zombie Apocalypse At The Bus Stop

Billboard Prank Ad Delivers Zombie Scares 

Can a skateboard kill a zombie? When a guy sitting at a tram station in Vienna believes he sees an actual zombie walking towards him, then he raises his board as if he’s about to fight back. Turns out, it’s just a hoax: an amazing digital billboard created by Sky Austria and Fox to promote the fifth-season premiere of The Walking Dead.

The augmented reality “Scary Shelter” is so terrifying because the ad has been everywhere.

To promote the fifth season of the television show, Sky Austria and Fox created and installed a digital billboard at a bus stop in Vienna to prank their next victim while they waited.

In the ad, the victims got a shock when zombies came out of nowhere. Obviously freaked out, they screamed and ran away—one guy even raised his skateboard to fight back.

Check out the ad below:

H/T: DesignTaxi

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